We all love movies about Bond and Kingsman, in which there is always a specialist supplying colleagues with delightful and amazing things. But spies and secret agents exist in real life too. In Washington, DC we can find an International Spy Museum dedicated to espionage. It has the largest collection of international artifacts for secret services.

Bright Side made a selection of some of the most unusual gadgets that secret services and spies used during the Cold War.

Arm with a gun

This is an arm prosthesis with a built-in gun. To fire the pistol, you just had to poke your finger at the enemy. You can see it at the spy museum in Oberhausen, Germany.

Tree stump with ears

It’s not just a tree stump…it’s a listening device that can intercept radio transmissions for the CIA. The US intelligence agency installed it in the suburbs of Moscow in the early 1970s. It is noteworthy that the stump worked on solar panels. But in the end, the KGB found and neutralized this “bug.”

Dragonfly insectothopter

One more CIA gadget: the dragonfly insectothopter, equipped with a hidden camera. In 1970, it was considered a really cool thing. The CIA planned to use it for the inconspicuous delivery of eavesdropping devices. The signals from the listening device had to be transmitted along a laser beam. This dragonfly with a hydraulic propeller was assembled by a professional watchmaker.

CIA fashion

A little black dress for female secret agents, developed by the CIA. Looks beautiful, takes photos, records audio. Perfect!

Lipstick pistol

Another gadget for female agents from the KGB. A lipstick with a 4.5 mm gun inside. Bang! Bang!

Explosive canteen

This water canteen contains explosives and was used by US Army intelligence officials between 1942 and 1945.

Cuff links from the KGB

These small cuff links were made by the KGB. They have a hidden space inside for secret things. Great gadget! Secret agents always have secret things.

Eyeglasses with cyanide

These glasses have a hidden pellet with poison. An irreplaceable gadget when it comes to disclosing top secret information or torture…

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