The Google chrome is the browser which is used by millions of people around the world. In any case, if your google chrome browser is constantly being redirected to unwanted websites or pop-ups ads might appear while browsing the internet, then your computer can be infected with malware. Usually pop-up ads are usually caused by adware that is installed on the device. So, some type of adware programs is bundled with other free software that can be download off the internet. When an adware program is installed and while surfing the internet through chrome, then unwanted ads will pop up on web pages whenever you visit. For this only, malware removal for chrome has created. Below are the steps in how to remove malware from chrome.

 How to remove malware from chrome

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Well, there is an application called anti-malware which helps in protecting your system from all kinds of malware threats. The anti-malware can help in recognizing and kill the adware, spyware, worms and different vulnerabilities and threats. So, here is the steps in malware removal for chrome and how to use it.


  • Try downloading the anti-malware application and just launch the application.
  • Once the application downloading is done and click on the malware removal tab
  • Scan the system, if any case the anti-malware finds something suspicious, it will removal the virus with immediate effect.

How to protect chrome from malware

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Malware, regardless of whether it is adware, spyware or some kind of dreadful, malicious code can appear in different ways which is connected to the system. In other way around, when you click on the website or email that might have thought could have been secured, but might be affected with virus. Even they could be link that takes you a site which might get infected with system. So, there are numerous ways from stopping your system being infected with malware.

Don’t click suspicious links 

Never click on a link until you are sure about and wheredoes the link is taking you. If any case, if you are not 100% guarantee, do not risk by opening it.

Make sure your system firewall is turned on

You will discover the switch in the Firewall tab in the Security and Privacy in the system preferences.

Keep your browser up to date

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Google chrome can be set to update automatically which is the safest and best way for doing it. In any case, if you are not interested for automatic update, then manual process can be done for keeping browser safe and not going out of date.

As you can see, it is not too difficult in malware removal for chrome and anti-malware makes easy to use. Hope that I have all the topics in my article about how to remove malware. Thanks for reading!